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About Us

KVO Parichay is website promoted by K.V.O. Madhyasthi Samiti.

K.V.O. or Kutchi Visa Oswal Jain is very close knit community hailing from Kutch. It is now mainly settled in Mumbai. K.V.O. like parsies is educated informed & enlightened community. This community caters to practically all the needs of their community members through various organizations.

K.V.O. Madhyasthi Samiti as name suggests is high powered "facilitator" committee. It has been set up to act as reconciliatory and final authority.

a.) to settle various dispute among community members
b.) to settle dispute as regards marriage and divorce and also
c.) to find suitable match for marriage purposes.
This Madhyasthi Samiti has been promoted by their top Central Organizations of KVO Community.

a.) Shri C.V.O. Jain Derawasi Mahajan
b.) Shri K.V.O. Jain Sthanakwasi Mahajan &
c.) Shri K.V.O. Seva Samaj

Besides representatives of these main organizations it has got representatives from various women and other organizations, lawyers and social scientists.

To help in finding suitable match for eligible boys and girls of our community they have come out with "Yadi Abhiyan". Through this Yadi Abhiyan it is desired to collect names of all boys and girls above the age of 20 years. Some basic details of these boys & girls is collected but not full details like any marriage sites.

This details are being provided on this `Website'. To perfect the identity of actual persons first only basic details will be made available and on matching willingness of both parties full details as available will shown to either parties.

There are no registration Charges or any charges.